Overture Case by Moshi


So here’s the thing: I hate carrying a bag. I have a computer bag, of course, because some things are too important to carry without protection. But on your average day, I just want to carry my phone, my id and a credit card, some keys. I don’t want a heavy bag to tote around. So I often stick my id and cards in my pocket, loose with the phone and keys, and it probably won’t surprise you to hear that I’ve come close to losing various bits of that arrangement multiple times.

This week, I dropped my iPhone for the second time (this connects, I promise). Luckily, the Moshi iVisor Glass I put on it did a brilliant job (for the second time) — it cracked wildly, but my iPhone’s glass stayed perfect. That was luck, by the way — the iVisor is designed to keep your screen scratch free, not as drop protection! I’ve been hesitant to buy a LifeProof or Otterbox case — both are fantastically useful, especially for someone as clumsy as me, but they add bulk and they wouldn’t allow me to use my Olloclip lens without taking them out of the case.

Here’s the other thing: I very, very rarely talk on my phone. I am one of the many people in my generation and beyond who hates phone calls (sorry, I know that grates on a lot of our customers nerves). As I was wandering around the store yesterday, my eyes were caught by a moshi case that would probably solve all my annoyances.


It’s hardly a groundbreaking idea, I know, but I tend to love Moshi products, so I gave it a shot. It’s a slim, light wallet with a coated exterior (to protect against splashes) and a synthetic leather and microfiber interior. Your phone clips into a hard plastic shell that comes around the corners. There is no magnet to keep the case closed, so if you don’t put cards, ids, etc into the left hand side it will be light enough that the cover isn’t quite flush when it’s flat on a table, but that’s a minor thing to me (and also, I do keep cards, ids, etc on the left).

If you are a phone talker, you want to keep some space between the folded back of the case and the back of the phone when you’re talking to keep the noise canceling mic in play (that’s located between the flash and the camera, so if the case is closed too tightly on itself you may sound a bit muffled).


I’m happy to find that it’s easy to pop the phone out of the case when I do want to use the olio clip — a simple tug along the side of the iPhone shell lets the corners come out, and the phone can be slid free. It’s not such an easy tug that I feel like it could happen accidentally, though. Inside the packaging is also a neato square, which is a microfiber cleaner cloth that adheres to the case so it’s always handy, and which can be washed and reused if it gets a bit grubby. There’s also a plastic protector for the back of your phone to keep it as protected as the front.

Moshi’s long been a favorite of mine (I’m using the Versa cover for my iPad and have given the Concerti to most of the family members I know with iPads — and you just saw how relieved I was that the iVisor kept my screen untracked!). Their products stand up well, and tend to have the sleekness that I’m looking for when it comes to electronics. I’ll be replacing my iVisor and using this combination for quite a while!