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Getting confused with Clouds, mobile devices, and how they make sense for your business? Wondering how can you manage those devices and/or technologies? We know that keeping up with technology might be a challenge.

Every business has a unique environment and set of applications. Partner with us, and together we can select the best combination of tools that will leverage your “uniqueness” while letting you focus on what really works for your business.

We have more than 20 years of experience helping business be more productive through the use of technology.

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iCape Solutions is the area’s Apple Expert, the ONLY multi-store Apple Certified Reseller and Service Provider.

Need to shift your business into high gear? Time to consider the Mac. It gives you the tools you need to make your business stand out and stay productive, the security to keep your business safe, and the compatibility to fit right in with your current technology investments. The Mac also tops the charts in reliability and customer satisfaction, so it delivers real value to your business. With the Mac, you get the resources you need to empower your business, from accounting and finance to marketing, sales and productivity—tools that are easy enough for almost anybody to use.

The Mac is designed to help you get work done efficiently with one-of-a-kind features like Quick Look and Cover Flow to help you stay organized. The Mac also helps keep your team coordinated and in sync with built-in solutions for email, calendaring, and contacts—all at no extra charge. Incorporating the Mac into your existing PC network is easier than ever with
 Mac OS X. The Mac is highly compatible.

Native support for Mac and Windows- based networks means that it fits right in and lets you leverage your existing technology investments. It runs Microsoft Office and Windows applica- tions (sold separately), connects to virtually any server, shares files with nearly any computer, and seamlessly accesses most printers and other network services. All this, plus built-in security features such as an application- based firewall, built-in VPN client, strong encryption tools, and integrated Internet security.

The Mac offers everything a business requires, with features that streamline business operations, boost productivity, support collaboration, and enable easy creation of stunning digital content.

We offer maintenance programs tailored to your business needs.

Routers, Switches, firewalls, Wi-Fi, Cloud, Network backup, VPN, remote access and more
We can help you:

  • provide remote access for you, your employees, or customers
  • connect your different locations
  • provide wireless guest access for your customers
  • secure your network, and your company’s information
  • integrate mobile devices to your network
  • add wireless access in your premises
  • keep track of your network inventory and/or manage the devices

Security is not a device or a password, is the combination of technology, processes, and people.
We can help you:

secure your network, and your company’s information
Data recovery

From your desktop, iPad or iPhone your point of sale should:

Manage inventory
connect with suppliers
sell online
generate analytics
engage your customers, and more

You can have full control of your business and home even if you are far away. These are some solutions we offer:

Whole House Audio
Climate Control
Intelligent Lightning
Home theatre
Safety and Security
Smart Energy
AV Control & Automation
Audio & Video Switching & Distribution
Digital Audio & Video Processing
Video Scaling
Communications & Telephony!
Remote System Monitoring, Management & Reporting!