New: Grip iPad Cases by STM

One of the charms of the iPad, like the iPhone, is its form factor. It’s a sleek, lovely machine — with a glass front that we want to protect. For those of us who use our iPads on the go, this is imperative — we can imagine all too well the moment when its slips out of our hands and that screen shatters. 

         The Grip is available for the iPad with Retina Display (3rd and 4th generations) and the iPad mini.

Some of us don’t want to lose too much of that sleekness, though. We like the iPad for being light and slim, and don’t always want to weight it down with a heavy case. That’s why we’ve added these fantastic cases by STM (who also make some of our favorite iPad bags) to our selection. These are made of polycarbonate plastic, which adds some impact protection without adding weight. The case curves around the corners of the iPad, too — which are the places where screen breaks are often likely to occur. They have a nice texture too, which keeps them from slipping in your hands. The kickstand on the back gives you two angles for use. Plus, that same textured surface keeps the kickstands secure even when typing on the screen.

If the Grip isn’t your style, don’t worry. We still have you covered with a great selection of additional styles and protection levels — come in today to find the perfect match!