It’s School Vacation Week!

Driving around the Cape this weekend we’ve noticed many out of state license plates, which can only mean school vacation week has arrived. It almost feels like the unofficial start of the summer season here (we’re just going to pretend that the rain/snow mix of yesterday was a bad dream). And just as houses get aired out and cleaned in preparation for the warm weather ahead, this is a great time to think about some important maintenance for your computer.

Since vacation is typically a time when you’re on the move and not as reliant on your technology, it’s a great time to have your computer spring cleaned. Let our Apple-Certified techs make sure your computer is running at its peak performance. 

The spring is a great time to think about backups, too. Grab a new external hard drive or a Time Capsule and keep your data secure and protected. We often hear from people who say that they’ve been meaning to set up backups on their computer but keep putting it off — don’t procrastinate on this essential piece of hardware maintenance.