Lumen Light

We’re entering the age of the smart home, that Jetsons like future when everything from your smoke detector to your shades to your fridge can be controlled by your smart phone. Most of us aren’t going to go from low-fi to sci-fi in the blink of an eye, but some things are worth adopting now. LED smart lights are one of those things, which is why we love our Lumen light bulbs. Lumen-bulb-w-app

Lumen bulbs are controllable from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The app allows you to set the color & brightness of light you want by choosing from a huge palette. You can also set it to pulse at two different speeds,  which is a fun trick for a party but a bit much for everyday usage. If it’s paired with your phone and a call comes it, it will pulse to alert you. And of course it can be set as an alarm — it will slowly brighten prior to your alarm time to give you a more gentle wakeup than your average beeping clock or phone.

If you have multiple lights, you can name them and control them as a group or separately, and you can password protect your bulb so that your neighbor can’t decide to play a prank on you by taking control.


We’ve got Lumen on display in both stores, so stop by for a demonstration!