A cure for cabin fever.

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The holidays are past and despite the deceptively mild temperatures today we’re heading into the dead of winter. The Cape has settled into its quiet season — days are short, traffic is light, and weekend visitors are few. It’s a perfect time of year to settle in with that  good movie, game or book that you’ve been meaning to get to. Or, if you’re like some of us, the perfect time of year to binge watch entire seasons of TV shows (last winter I watched every season of the long running Top Gear over the course of the winter).

The iPad mini with Retina display is the all in one solution to your cabin fever. It’s lighter than a paperback, so you can bury yourself in the Game of Thrones books (the first book is 835 pages) without hurting your arms. Its retina display is perfect for watching movies or tv shows in crystal clarity — it has more pixels per inch than your HDTV, so any media looks stunning on it. Plus with thousands and thousands of games available on the app store, you’re sure to find one that grabs your attention.

Cabin Fever can bring stress to a whole family, though. We’ve got you covered — pair your new iPad with an Apple TV and gather round. With Airplay, you can mirror your iPad’s display to your HDTV, so the games you are playing can become a family affair. The Apple TV is also full of built in apps like Netflix, Hulu + and YouTube, so you can share that amazing movie with everyone in the house, or just put on iTunes radio to give daily chores a soundtrack.

Not convinced? Come in to see them in action — the Apple TV remains one of our absolute favorite Apple devices, so we’d love to show it off. And this week, when you purchase an iPad mini with Retina display (16gb only) & an Apple TV with a HDMI cord, your first movie, game or book is on us with a $10 iTunes gift card.