Listen louder.

Are you enjoying iTunes radio? We wondered how it would stack up against the other major (already established) competitors, but the initial reviews have been good. We’ve been using it in store for the past few days — there’s a lot to be said for Apple’s ease of integration. It’s one of the things that helps Apple sell you multiple devices — having your iPad and iPhone and Mac computer integrate seamlessly with your Apple ID makes it easy to continue using Apple products. So it is with iTunes radio — plug in your favorite stations on your iPhone and there they are when you open up your iPad or computer. Want to buy a song you heard a while back? Pick it up by looking at your radio station history. Plus as you’re listening to music you can add songs to a wish list for future buying. The simplicity gives it a bit of an edge over Pandora for us, at least thus far in our experience.


If you find yourself listening to iTunes radio all the time, why not pick up some bluetooth speakers to get great sound? We just brought in Bluetooth Chill Pill ChillBox speakers that we’ve been experimenting with today. We’re impressed with the quality, and so far this is our favorite design of all the bluetooth speakers we’ve carried. They’re solid little boxes with brushed aluminum backs in electric blue, lime green or tuxedo black. In addition to bluetooth capability, they also include an auxiliary (headphone) jack for your devices without bluetooth.

Come in today to give them a listen, or to see some of our other speaker styles!