Friday Roundup

– A friendly reminder for those of you who haven’t updated your iOS devices to iOS 7: back up before you do. You can click this link to see our previous post with instructions. We’ve had a couple of people with devices in restore mode the past few days who didn’t have an iCloud or iTunes backup available, and that’s not a position we want to see anyone in. 


– If you were lucky enough to get your hands on a new iPhone 5s and are looking for a case for it, we’ve just received a plethora of options (including clear ones for you new gold iPhone owners who want to see that fancy color!).


– Apple TVs are now able to update for access to iTunes radio, podcasts, and more (the initial update was available last week but was pulled due to some bugs, including one that required a software restore on the device). Apple also added a few new channels this week — Disney Jr and Major League Soccer. Similar to the Disney app already on the TV, access to Disney Jr requires a cable subscription that includes the channel. Major League Soccer offers a season long subscription so you don’t miss any games. 

Apple TVs have always been one of our favorite Apple products (we enthused about them here and talked about how useful we find airplay here), and as Apple continues to add features and channels they become an even more indispensable part of our tech lineup. If you’re interested in learning more, come in today to see them in action in either our Hyannis or Mashpee location!