iPhone 4 ProPak for only $69 [only until 2/24]

Limited Time Offer: Expires 2/24

Winter is here and your iPhone 4 is feeling cold. You’ll want to protect your iPhone from dings and dents with a protective case. You’ll also want protect your screen from scratches and excess fingerprints. CapeMac is now offering a bundle, an iGlaze Case by Moshi, an iVisor Screen Protector, and Sennheiser Ear Buds, all for just $69.

The iGlaze Case by Moshi comes in several colors and fits perfectly on both the1 AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4. Its low profile design makes it lightweight and thin while still protecting your phone. 

The iVisor Screen Protector features a new bubble free installation and matte finish. Installation takes a few seconds and you don’t have to worry about smoothing out any bubbles. You can also clean the iVisor Screen Protector and reapply it to your phone. Best yet, the iVisor Screen Protector is fully compatible with the iGlaze case, offering you maximum protection from drops and scratches.

Sennheiser Ear Buds offer supreme in-ear audio performance and bass-enabled acoustics. Take your music to the next level with Sennheiser Ear Buds.

All three of these products are available for only $69 from CapeMac Computers.

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