GreenSmart cases now in stock.

CapeMac Computers is now carrying GreenSmart cases for the Macbook and Macbook Pro family. GreenSmart cases feature an eco friendly design, using a water-based material called neogreene which requires 25% less energy and 25% less petroleum to manufacture than traditional neoprene based cases. Neogreene also is free from toxic adhesives that are usually used in the production and binding of neoprene cases.

The cases come in three sizes (13.3, 15.4, and 17) for maximum capability with any of the Macbooks or Macbook Pros. They also come in five different colors (Purple, Pink, Blue, Orange, and Black), allowing you to personalize your laptop with your favorite case color.

GreenSmart cases are available for $39.95. Drop by your local CapeMac location and pick up a GreenSmart case. I just got one for my Macbook Pro 15-inch and I’m happy with it.