Adonit Jot Pro

I’m fussy about a lot of things: keyboards, cases, computers. I am MOST fussy about pens. I have a traveling collection of pens that I bring with me everywhere, and my coworkers are pretty good about making sure they stay on my side of the store. In fact, during some recent Apple training, we were asked to “sell” a random item we had to practice, and I chose my favorite everyday fountain pen by Lamy. Needless to say, it was an easy sell.

I mention this because caring about pens means I care a whole lot about styluses (or styli, you say potato…). I’ve gone through a lot of them, from the handy Hammerheads (at $9.95, this is a good choice — it stays plugged into your headphone jack so that it doesn’t get lost) to Pencil by 53, made to work with my favorite writing app Paper. One of my favorites has been the Adonit range, but I’ve been hesitant to recommend them to customers for price reasons — the ones I’ve liked the most have been close to $100, a huge amount to spend on a stylus if you aren’t an artist/designer/drafter.


So I was pretty thrilled to try out the Adonis Jot Pro — a more affordable version of my favorite stylus. It comes in at a reasonable $34.95, and it has what I love the most about these styluses: a precision tip. I want fine tipped pens, the finer the better, and that’s hard to replicate with a stylus. The Jot Pro has a small plastic disk at the tip, meaning your tip is very fine but your screen is protected.



It has a nice solid feel to it as well, with a solid (hollow) metal body. There’s a cap to protect the disk when not in use (it screws onto the other side) and a clip so that it can be carried securely.


We have demo models of the Jot Pro available to try out in both store, so come give it a shot!