Yesterday was a big day for Apple (and for Apple fans!) There were so many changes, upgrades and updates that not everything made it into the official keynote — news kept coming all day, which made it a very fun day for us. We thought we’d give a quick overview of some of the changes. Come into the store for more details or if you have any questions about how these new machines have improved and what the changes will mean for you!

The MacBook Air got some nice updates — they now boast 3rd generation Ivy Bridge processors, up to 8gb of memory and up to 512 gb of flash storage. The FaceTime camera was also updated to 720p for crisper video, and they’ve added USB 3.0 ports for faster data transfers.

The MacBook Pros got a similar suite of upgrades. They too are equipped with 3rd generation Ivy Bridge processors, up to 8gb of memory, and up to a 750 gb hard drive. The 15″ models will also come equipped with an nVidia GeForce GT 650M video card with either 512mb or 1gb of dedicated memory.

Of course, the real showstopper in yesterday’s keynote was the Next Generation MacBook Pro. This stunning computer is equipped with the much rumored retina display with  a 2880×1800 resolution display. It’s an unbelievably thin and light machine — it weighs in at a pound lighter than the traditional MacBook Pro and is only .71 inch thin. They’ve built the screen directly into the unibody frame, removing the need for a thick surrounding frame and giving the machine a thin and sleek look opened or closed.  It can be equipped with up to 16gb of memory and 756 gb of flash storage, and also comes with the nVidia GeForce GT 650M.


We mentioned that news continued to trickle through the blogosphere all day yesterday, so there’s still plenty more to talk about and share.


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