To Our Music Lovers


To our music lovers:


Your new Apple computer comes with software already installed that allows you to be a creative music artist from your own home.  Do you play an instrument?  Do your children play instruments?  Do you have an upcoming music producer or DJ in the family?  The Apple computer is the industry standard for this field of creativity, and Apple gives you the ability to pursue these creative skills right out of the box!



Most of us have had an iPod, iPhone or iPad that we have managed through this software, even in the Windows environment.  For those of you that are not familiar with iTunes, here are some of the fatures that may be interesting to you:

  1. Listen to radio stations live, from all over the world, in a myriad of genres, free from your computer.
  2. Manage your music library.  Whether it is digital downloads through the iTunes store, another online music store, or your CD’s, iTunes is the place to manage, organize and quickly reference your music.
  3. Find more music.  The iTunes store has the worlds largest selection of music for download at a price that is very attractive.  Every style, genre and era is available on the iTunes store.





Okay, now we are probably moving into fresh territory for most of you.  Garageband is a versatile and very powerful music production tool, as well as a great place for you to practice and hone your musical skills on the go, take lessons to expand your skills, or just try a new melody that you have had in your head.  It gives you the ability to not only play a collection of stringed instruments from guitars, to basses to orchestral strings, but also to record what you have composed, and save it for inclusion into your next opus!  Drum kits, keyboards, brass and woodwind instruments are also available within Garageband, as well as an enormous collection of pre recorded “loops” that you can simply drag and drop onto the program to come up with your new hit song.  This is brought to you by the same company that has produced one of the top Digital Audio Workstation software suites in the world, used in virtually every recording studio in the country.  That software is called Apple Logic, and is also available for purchase and download from the App store.

Garageband is a user friendly and simplified version of Logic, that will allow you to quickly get up and running in any music adventure that you would like to embark upon.  Come in and ask us for a demonstration, and see for yourself how easy it can be to get started making music!  If you find yourself with technical questions, workflow questions, or are ready to take the next step into a more powerful multitrack production tool such as Logic, we have you covered there as well.  Christopher in our Hyannis store has a passion for this side of the computing world, with an extensive background in music production, composition and recording in the world of digital music.  We are available for one on one tutorials to teach you the ins and outs of these powerful and fun tools, or to just answer some of the basic quick questions.

Come in and try this on our display models in store, and see for yourself how easy, fun and intuitive it is.  Just the way you know that Apple is.