The little things we love about iOS 7

Apple’s long been known for attention to detail, and one of the fun things about using iOS 7 is finding the little improvements for things that we didn’t know we wanted. 

We like how easy it is to remove previous recipients from mail now — just hit the little i next to their name in the suggestions popup, and choose remove from recents (this comes in handy when you’ve accidentally mistyped someone’s email).


One tiny thing that feels like a huge improvement is tapping into the address/search bar in safari — now, the current address is already selected so you simply can type without trying to hit the little x to clear the field out. 


We also like the new method of closing apps out — the swipe up is much easier than trying to hit the little red circle for most of us, especially on the phone; the screen preview of the app also makes it easier to switch to the app you want to use. Plus you can close the app you are IN, instead of having to exit to the home screen first.


Having airplay and iTunes controls available with a swipe up from the bottom is nice, although we wish that you could control apps like spotify from it the way you could in iOS 6. We also quite like airdrop — it’s such an easy way to share contacts and other data, which comes in very handy in a business setting.


What do you like best about iOS 7?