Start the New Year right: Back up your computer, iPhone and iPad!

A new year is a good time to create good habits, and the best computing habit you can have is to back up your data regularly. We have talked before about Apple’s automated backup system, Time Machine, but it bears repeating. Your data (pictures, movies, music, documents) are precious. All Apple computers come with Time Machine, which makes backing up your data automatic and requires minimal effort to set up. All you need to get started is an external drive.


We stock a wide variety in both our stores, from Apple’s Time Capsule (a wireless router/hard drive combination) to LaCie, Buffalo and Western Digital Drives. And if the process intimidates you, we can set up your automatic backups for you and complete the first one for only $29 — all you’ll need to do afterwards is bring your computer home and plug the hard drive in for it to continue daily backups of your data.


If you are an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch user, Apple’s made your life even easier — simply turn on iCloud backup in your settings (to do so, tap the Settings button on your home screen, and then choose iCloud>Storage and Backup and flip the backup switch to on). Now, your iDevice will back up automatically once a day to the iCloud servers (when plugged in and on a wifi network) without you having to remember to do so. 


If you have questions about the best hard drive for your needs, come in today! We’d be happy to find the best match for you.