Shared Links in Mavericks

One of our favorite new features in 10.9 is Shared Links. This new option can be found under the open book icon on your bookmarks bar.


When you click on it, you’ll now see three options — your bookmarks, your reading list, and shared links. Shared links are pulled from your twitter feed (you must have an account already linked, which can be done via the internet accounts option in system preferences). Clicking on a tweet will open the link in your current window, so make sure to open a new tab if you’re in the middle of composing a blog entry (that did, in fact, just happen to us!).

 You can also click on the bar along the top to retweet the link to your own account without leaving safari.

What we really appreciate about this new feature is that, by scrolling to the bottom of the linked page and continuing to scroll, you automatically move to the next link. In the keynote presentation of Mavericks this was called “a great way to read” and for those of us who get a lot of news from twitter (and a fair amount of entertainment, too), it is.