Service FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Apple Repair Services at Cape Mac:

How long will the repair take?

Repair time varies widely due to work load and parts availability, but averages about 2-6 business days.

Rush Service is available for a $150 fee. Your machine will be “next on bench” and get top priority throughout the repair process.

Will my repair be covered under Apple warranty?

Your repair will be covered if…

1) your equipment is covered by an Apple Limited Warranty (one year), an AppleCare Protection Plan (three years) or has a problem covered by an Apple Repair Extension,


2) our Apple Certified Technician determines that your repair is covered.

If you are covered, there will be no charge to you for the repair.

Warranty limitations:

  • Apple warranties batteries for one year only, even under AppleCare.
  • Labor to resolve software issues is not covered by Apple’s warranties. You are responsible for labor to evaluate and repair these issues.

Note: Apple provides free software support by phone under both their Limited Warranty (90 days) and AppleCare Protection Plan (three years).

What is the Diagnostic fee?

If you are not covered under warranty, you will be charged a diagnostic fee at drop off time.
Our technician will evaluate your computer and call you to discuss costs and options.
If you decide to proceed, the diagnostic fee will be applied to the cost of repair.

Will I lose my data?

If your hard drive is not a source of the problem, your data is probably not at risk. However, you are solely responsible for your data.

Cape Mac can not guarantee that data will not be lost during repair, and takes no responsibility for any data loss you may experience.

Data Back-up Service: For added security, we can back up your data to an external drive, and restore it to your hard drive after repair is complete.

The fee for routine data back-up is $99. If your hard drive has problems, the cost may be more, or back-up may be impossible. Failure to recover data does not negate the back-up fee.

While Backup service is generally trouble-free, no guarantee against data loss is promised or implied.

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