Reminder: Back up your computer!

With the weather bringing another nor’easter up the coast, we’re thinking about power loss and protecting your data. Your pictures, movies, documents and other data are precious — protect them by backing up your system! All Apple computers come with Time Machine, which makes backing up your data automatic and requires minimal effort to set up. All you need to get started is an external drive!

We stock a wide variety in both of our stores, from the Time Capsule, Apple’s wireless router/hard drive combination, to LaCie and Western Digital Drives. And if the process intimidates you, we can set up your automatic backups for you and complete the first one for only $29 — all you’ll have to do afterwards is bring your computer home and plug the hard drive in for it to continue daily backups of your data.

Come in today to learn more; we’d be happy to determine which solution might work best for you!