Product Spotlight: Magic Trackpad & Magic Mouse

Since the release of Lion, Apple’s been working steadily to bring the gestures of iOS and Mac OS closer together. The same finger movements you use on your iPad or iPhone’s screen (pinches, taps, swipes) now translate into similar functions on your laptop’s trackpad, or the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad.

Most of us here use laptops almost all day long, so we have a certain fondness for the wireless Magic Trackpad. It’s obviously beautifully designed, made to complement the Apple Keyboards. The size of it means you rarely have to lift your finger as you navigate the screen, and it supports the most important gestures — double taps, swipes and pinches. And the whole trackpad serves as a button — you can press down on either side for mouse clicks. Apple provides a little booklet with the gestures listed, but there will also be example videos in your trackpad preferences in system preferences. 

The bluetooth Magic Mouse also supports the multi-finger gestures combined with a traditional mouse, which many of our customers prefer. The glass surface allows for the innovative gestures, and the design is sleek and slim. Just like the trackpad, you can see demonstration videos of the supported gestures in your system preferences when the mouse is connected. It knows when you’re swiping and when you’re scrolling because the entire surface touch — it can recognize gestures no matter where on the mouse they’re made.


Interested in trying these out for yourself? Come in today!