Otterbox Defender Series

Availible in our Hyannis location, Otterbox Defender Series  for the iPhone 3g and 3gs!

“The real test would be to see if it’s as tough as it looks. I went out into the parking lot and dropped it from waist height (I’m 6 feet tall). No problem. Next from shoulder height. It didn’t even blink. It bounced, but didn’t blink. Finally, I handed it over to my kids. While the added bulk was most noticeable in the hands of a toddler (anyone who’s held a Newton 2100 has a point of reference), it isn’t meant for a toddler, so that’s OK. The kids dropped it, pounded on it (iChalky gets them especially wound up) and even spilled half of a juice box (don’t ask me how many ounces) onto it. The case took all of it and the iPhone kept on ticking.”

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