nomadbrush FLeX

There is no lack of styli options out there for the picky user, and more seem to pop up daily. For a lot of users, a basic rubber tipped stylus does the job: it helps them type & keeps the screen free of fingerprints. But for those using the iPad for painting, something a bit more detailed is in order. Enter the nomadbrush FleX. Unlike most styli, this long stylus sports an actual conductive paintbrush head, making it the perfect accompaniment to your favorite art apps (seen here with Paper).


It’s not a single brush shaped head but instead a brush with the tips dipped in conductive coating. It responds well on the screen when we played with it, and felt pleasingly like have an actual paintbrush in our hand (both the weight and length felt like they were carefully chosen). The brush is replaceable so as it wears out you aren’t forced to buy a whole new brush, making it a good choice for conservation.

The serious artist would want to pair a couple of different styli for different tasks — the nomad brush feels great when you’re approximating painting, but when you want to sketch, you’re better off with something like the Pogo Sketch Pro. Come in today to see these in person, and in action!