New Product: Kanex AirBlue



The auxiliary port in my car is in the center console, down low. It’s fine most of the time — if I’m just listening to music, I don’t need to see my phone. If I’m using my phone for directions, though, it becomes a bit more complicated. I have an iOttie car mount for my phone, which keeps it visible and secure on my dashboard, but the auxiliary cable doesn’t reach. I trade off volume or visibility when I’m driving.


I have a pretty great sound system at home, which has stood the test of time well. But it’s old enough that it doesn’t have bluetooth or airplay enabled, so I can’t play my own music through it (unless that music is still on, gasp, cds) without plugging my phone in via aux — keeping it in an awkward position for changing songs on the fly.


I know I’m not alone in either of these situations, so I was psyched to see one of our newest products arrived, the AirBlue by Kanex. This is a tiny bluetooth receiver (it fits comfortably into the palm of your hand) that plugs into an auxiliary port. I can plug it on my console, and suddenly my  phone can bluetooth sound to my cars stereos. Likewise, plugging it into my home sound system lets me play music from anywhere within bluetooth range (typically 30′).

The AirBlue is available at both iCape locations for $29.95