New Keyboard Cases in Stock: Zagg for the iPad Mini

We’ve been picky about keyboard cases for the iPad mini. When it was first announced, there was a flood of options, most of which didn’t seem very practical to us. For the most part, we found the keys on the screen easier and more intuitive than the shrunk down keys many cases provided. We also hated how close the keys got to each other on a tiny keyboard. For anyone who is a touch typist, it was very frustrating to constantly be hitting the wrong keys because your fingers were one key over on the home row.


That’s why we really like the Zagg Keys Mini 7. It features distinct, chicklet style keys which are large enough to comfortably rest your fingers on. After a minute or two of typing, my fingers got used to the key placement and I was able to type very quickly. Plus, if you’re working on a large document, the extra screen space revealed by NOT having the on-screen keyboard appear is a definite benefit.