More Great Gift Ideas: Music

We have the music lovers in your family covered, too. Apple has long been known for having an edge for musicians, from the built in Garageband to professional programs like Logic Pro. So it’s no surprise that there’s no end of accessories built to work seamlessly with Mac. We’ve talked here before about Apogee and their amazing iRig and Mic products. 

For the aspiring DJ in your life, we’ve got the ion Discover DJ system. With the included software, this package allows you to mix your own music, including tunes from your iTunes library, with full mixing tools from crossfade to pitch.


For the talented (and not so talented) karaoke lovers among us, we’ve got the Soulo Karaoke in stock. This mic connects via bluetooth to your iPad or iPhone and lets you sing, record and share your songs. It even has an on screen pitch protector via the app so you can improve your voice!