Macbook Pro Benchmarks

With the introduction of the Macbook Pro, Apple added an even faster processor. Using Intel’s latest chipset, they are able to get even faster performance. The 13-inch Macbook Pro features an Intel Core i5, which offers super fast performance while maintaining a normal power use. On the 15-inch Macbook Pro’s, Apple included a quad-core processor. The quad-core processor devleopers twice the performance of a standard dual-core processor and allows users to complete large tasks faster. Video Encoding on a quad-core processor would take less, especially thanks to Intel’s Hyper threading technology.

Primate Labs, the developers of a popular benchmarking application (rates computers based on processor, ram, and several other tests) have posted the scores of the new Macbook Pro’s.

Across the line, the new Macbook Pro family is about 80% faster. The Macbook Pro 15-inch (2.3 GHz) scored a 9886, while the pervious model (2.6G Hz dual core) scored a 5564. The chart below shows the findings of the benchmark. The 2011 Macbook Pro’s are the fastest they have even been. 

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