Mac Tips & Tricks: Speed up your day with keyboard shortcuts

When we’re working with a customer during a one-on-one or a quicklook, we are often pleased to introduce our clients to the shortcuts we use without a second thought.  Once you learn them, shortcuts become second nature, allowing you to accomplish everyday actions much more quickly.

This little key, located on either side of your spacebar, is the most important button on your keyboard for shortcut purposes. Everything we list today will involve using this key.


Command + S = Save

Most Apple programs now autosave at regular intervals while you work, but there are times you’ll want to make sure you save your work. A quick tap of Command+S automatically saves all of your changes. In Safari, Command+S saves an html copy of the website you are on, as well.


Command + Q = Quit

When you want to exit a program, instead of navigating to the program menu and choosing quit, simply press the Command+Q combination. The program will shut completely down.


Command + A = Select All

This is one of our most used combinations. Command+A will select all of the items in a current program. For example, if you want to delete all the mail in your inbox, simply select one message by tapping on it, and then press Command+A to select all of the messages. You can then move or delete them. If you are in iPhoto and you are making an album, clicking on one photo in an event and then hitting Command+A will allow you to quickly choose all the photos in that event, and they can be dragged into your album. 


Command + C = Copy

Copying text is a common task, and using the Command+C shortcut, you can do it without ever using the edit menu. Simply highlight the text you want to copy, and a tap of Command+C sends it to the clipboard to be pasted elsewhere. Speaking of paste,


Command + V = Paste

Command+V will paste the last copied item into your current field. 


Command + X = Cut

Sometimes you want to remove text completely and paste it somewhere else within a document. Instead of hitting command+C, hit command+x — your text is removed onto the clipboard and can now be pasted wherever you would like it to go.


Make friends with your command button — you’ll  be surprised at how much shortcuts will speed up your daily workflow!