Mac & iPad Tip: Reader

We always enjoy showing off this particular tip on our demo iPads and computers, because it is a little known one that can really improve your reading experience online. Safari has a functionality called Reader that allows you to read articles, blog posts and other text on websites without any of the ads and distractions of a typical webpage. It also gives you some text sizing options that can make it easy to read small text in an article.



When you’re on an article you’d like to read, look for the Reader button at the end of the address bar (circled in red above). When you press it, the article will appear on the screen as an overlay, as shown below.

On a computer, you can just press the – and + magnifying glass icons to adjust the text size. The email icon allows you email the article, while the print icon will print the article with none of the ads or other information on the website. To exit reader, simply press the x. The bar on the bottom of the screen will fade away when your cursor moves away, so as not to obstruct the article text. Simply hover near the bottom of the window again to have it reappear.

The process is largely identical on an iPad, but instead of seeing options bar as you would on the Mac, you’ll simply see a small and large A. Pressing those allows you to make the text larger or smaller without having to pinch or scroll on the screen.