Links Roundup

Lots of interesting stuff out there today floating around the Apple blogosphere. We thought we’d highlight some of the items that made our ears (metaphorically) perk up!


We’re big fans of time saving tips and tricks — the keyboard and menu shortcuts that cut extra actions from your workflow. From MacWorld (via TUAW), a list of lesser known OS X tricks — everything from how to force quit your current application to a quick way to get to system info on your computer.


MacRumors made us smile with this story of Cedars-Sinai Hospital in LA using iPads to help mothers stay in touch with their newborns in ICU or during recovery. 


Heading to California for a visit? Be careful when driving: a California Court has ruled that using your phone for directions is not allowed under distracted driver rules (using Siri for handsfree directions is still ok though). Read the full story at MacRumors.


Are you a fan of comic books? Your iPad is a great place to read them, and Marvel wants to prove it to you by giving away 700 #1 issues. Read more at TUAW.