iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Photographers!

With the Ollo Clip, iStabilizer Flex & ‘iPhoto ’11: The Missing Manual’,

taking pictures on your iOS devices just got more legitimate.


The Ollo Clip offers a 3-in-1 lens option for your iPhone.

 Select from a distorted fish-eye view, wide-angle or macro. 

This is the perfect accessary if you are looking to get more creative with your iPhone and it’s amazing camera. Whether you are seeking to capture life’s best moments or find ways to express your artist visions, the Ollo Clip can get the job done! 

At Cape Mac Computers, you can find this product to work with your iPhone 4/4S and 5!

The best pictures are usually taken in the heat of a moment when we are least prepared. Have you ever gone to check the camera roll on your iPhone only to find the image was not in focus? Well look no further, the iStabilizer Flex is a flexible tripod designed for the iPhone 3G, 4/4S and 5 helps those of us who have shaky hands. This portable tripod supports camera stabilization so you can focus on capturing that decisive moment!


Once you are ready to import those beautiful pictures onto your favorite Apple computer, it’s time to play with them in iPhoto. At Cape Mac Computers we are big believers in being able to have a ‘visual aid’ in working with your operating system(s) and software. iPhoto is fantastic for the basic user, as well as the soon-to-be professional photographer. 

Learn the ins-and-outs of this program with the iPhoto ’11: The Missing Manual!