iPad: Tips and Tricks

With the continued popularity of iPads, we thought we should highlight some little known tricks. Today we thought we’d start with some keyboard shortcuts that you might not be aware of — these ones are especially handy when typing emails.


Keyboards on iOS device change their configuration slightly depending on what type of text field you are in. When you’re entering a website address, there’s a handy .com key to save you some typing — or when you’re in the email field, an @ symbol appears. But there are some hidden ways to save you some time as well.


When typing a contraction, such as I’ll, can’t, etc., pressing the comma key will bring up an apostrophe so you don’t have to go hunting for it.

When you’re typing an email, pressing and holding the period key will bring up a list of common email end types — .com, .edu, etc. 

The period key does double duty — when you’re typing in a regular text field, pressing and holding on it brings up the quotation mark. 

Finally, if you’re looking for accented letters, no need to switch keyboards — press and hold the letter you wish to accent to see a list of available special characters!