iPad (and iPhone, and iPod…) Accessories!

Today we thought we’d pull together a round up of some of our favorite iPad accessories — the ones that we find WE can’t live without. 

1) iVisor Screen Protector. If you’ve ever put a screen protector onto one of your devices, you know what a process it can be to make sure it’s on correctly and with no bubbles. That’s why we love the Moshi iVisor — it’s designed to be removable and washable and it does not bubble. It is also anti-glare, so it cuts back on sunshine or bright light reflections on your iPad — all while protecting it from scratches and smudges.

2) iPad: The Missing Manual. Want to know how to make the most of your iPad? Pick up this fantastic book which will give you hints, tricks and tips that will help you enjoy your iPads capabilities.

3) iKlear cleaning kit. Every once in a while we hear from someone that in order to keep their iPad, iPhone or even computer clean, they just spray some windex on a cloth and wipe it down. We cringe every time — touch screens are sensitive and we do not recommend using Windex or any cleaner on it that is not specialized for touch screens! iKlear makes a variety of products, from microfiber cloths to sprays to wipes that will help you keep your iPad’s surface clean and clear!

4) Headphones. Good headphones enhance your experience with any computer or device, and the iPad is no exception. We have a huge variety, from the professional quality Monster Turbine Pro to colorful earbuds with mics built in.

5) Headphone splitter. If you’re going to be on the road and are planning to use your iPad to watch movies, a headphone splitter is essential — you and a friend can both listen with your own headphones. No more each taking one ear each! These guys are designed to go directly on your keychain so they’ll always be handy.

6) Camera Connection Kit. If your iPad is traveling with you, this is an indispensable tool. This plugs into the bottom of your ipad and allows you to transfer photos from your camera either by the usb cord you normally conncet to your computer or through the SD card directly. Paired with a photo editing app like iPhoto and your iPad becomes a powerhouse for pictures!

7) Stylus. If you use apps like Penultimate or Draw Something, you know how frustrating it can be to try and get anything approaching approaching fine lines from your finger. That’s why we love our styluses. In general, we favor ones with a soft rubber tip, which will pick up input on an angle better than a felt tipped one. We love how solid and chunky these aluminum styluses feel in our hand. We also love this little stylus, which plugs into your headphone jack when not in use to make keeping track of it easier.

8)iLove Speaker Dock. This compact dock  allows you to get great sound for your music. The dock is wide enough to accomodate an iPad but will work for iPhones and iPods as well. Best of all? It charges while you listen!


Come into either of our stores to find more accessories for your device!