Dual USB Chargers: Make life easier.

We are big fans of efficiency. As constant consumers of technology, we also frequently battle the low battery icon on our screens — the dreaded moment when you have hours of work left and not hours of juice to power them. That’s why we love our dual usb chargers — getting both devices back to full at once is a necessity! That’s why we love the Moshi ReWind. This 10W wall charger is designed to charge your phone and iPad (or, really, most mobile devices) simultaneously and safely.


And when you’re on the road, arguing over who gets to charge their iPhone through the cigarette lighter on long trips is a frustrating endeavor. And if you are a multi device family (Android phone, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, etc), you’ll need to juggle multiple chargers as well. Our dual-usb car chargers solve that — with two USB ports, practically any USB mobile device can charge from a single adapter.