Clean your screen.

In the summer, our iPads, iPhones and iPods (and let’s be honest, computers) are subjected to a new range of mess. From suntan lotion and bug spray to sticky popsicle fingers to hands dirty from working in the garden, the screens can get messy. While your iOS device is designed to be oleophobic (resistant to fingerprints, basically — you can read a more scientific explanation from Bill Nye on Gizmodo from back in 2009 here), they can’t stay clean against the summer onslaught.

There’s a scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding where Windex is touted as the cure for everything, but we really hope you don’t take that to heart. While it might seem sensible to clean the glass screens of your device with a glass cleaner, you don’t want to do anything that could damage the coating of the screen (especially with repeated usage) or use anything with abrasives in it that could scratch the screen.

DO use a microfiber cloth, not paper towels. For simple fingerprints, a quick swipe with a cloth will buff it right up. For summer cleanups, make sure you’re using a spray specifically made for touch screens. We recommend spraying the cloth, and not the screen — just an added precaution to keep liquid near the device at a minimum. Simply dampen one corner the cloth, buff the screen up and dry it with the dry corner of the cloth.

Our personal favorite cleaner is AppleJuce, which is a made in the USA product that doesn’t have the heavy chemical smell so many cleaners do (it, unsurprisingly from the name, smells a bit of apple juice). We sell the cleaners and cloths in different sizes and combinations — the travel kits are an especially great thing to have in your bag. It is safe to use on your computer screen as well.