Back to School Sale!

The mornings are crisper and the days shorter, and we’ve seen some parents with grins of relief lately. This all adds up to one thing — it is back to school season.


We want to help you start the school year right, so from now until the end of August we’ll be offering 10% on all back-to-school accessories. From cases to bags to chargers, we have everything you need to keep your computer, iPhone and/or iPad and all their accessories close at hand and organized. 




The Impulse backpack has two padded, reinforced compartments for your computer and tablet, as well as spaces for pens, notebooks, books — even a hook to keep your keys easy to find. For a bag that does so much, we like that it’s not overly bulky, as well.


For folks who don’t want to carry around a backpack, STM’s Velo bag is a great option. Like the Impulse, it has a padded compartment for your computer, as well as a smaller one for your phone. The main flap is kept secure by two buckles, and once it’s open you’ll find all the individual compartments right at hand. There’s a handy microfiber compartment on top for easy access to your phone, as well as two side compartments for pens, keys, etc.


We’ve talked about the OGIO bags before, and they remain a favorite with our staff. They are sleek and well organized — a safe spot for your laptop, and easy access for a phone, iPad or other accessories. When it’s all zipped up, it has a slim profile that hides just how much you can carry.


If you’ve already got a bag you love, protect your computer with a neoprene sleeve. Our Hammerhead sleeves (in black, purple, silver or green) will help protect your computer from scratches, dents and dings. The Incipio Honu case is a great one, as well — its quilted exterior and well padded interior make it a great way to keep your laptop safe.



We have the tablets covered as well!

STM’s Cache is a canvas bag with a snap flap on the front that conceals two compartments — one padded one for your tablet, and a second compartment to house your wallet, pens, chargers, keys, etc. A zippered microfiber pocket on the front keeps your phone at hand and scratch free.


The Jacket, also by STM, is a slim case with a padded interior for your tablet, along with two zippered compartments on the front for your phone, cables, chargers and so on. A third compartment on the back is perfect for keeping tickets and other paperwork near at hand.


We like Apple’s earpods, but so many of our customers (and some of us!) prefer over the ear headphones to earbuds. We’ve got some great ones available. 

Flips headphones transform from headphones to speakers when you simply flip the earpieces to face outwards. We love the idea of headphones as a social way to share music!
The BluePulse headphones are bluetooth enabled, so no wires to keep track of. They also feature a microphone, so they’ll work with your iOS devices or with Facetime on your computer.
And finally, for just a simple, stylish pair of headphones, check out the Skullcandy Uprocks — great sound, comfortable fit and low price!

Other Accessories

We have more accessories than we could ever list here, but here are some other good ideas to help you keep organized this fall!

– Make sure your phone or tablet never runs out of juice with these dual usb car adaptors
– Keep your keyboard clean with these silicon keyboard covers.
– Clean your screen with AppleJuce
– Keep your screen safe with Moshi screen protectors.
– Back up your data with an external hard drive.
– Charge your phone and tablet at the same time with Moshi’s dual usb Rewind charger.
Remember, this sale goes through the end of August, so come in today to take a look and get yourself ready for autumn!