Apps (and then some more Apps)



A while back, we asked you for your favorite apps, and we’re ready to start sharing your recommendations. Today we’re starting with the app almost everyone had listed, the ever popular and useful Evernote. When we do classes and one on ones on iPad basics, we often bring up Evernote as an example of just how versatile apps can be. So let’s see what it can do for you.


Evernote is a multiplatform app that allows you to (among other things):

  • Save things you find online, including websites
  • Take pictures and record audio (and access it through any of the other supported platforms, automatically)
  • Keep information you’ve collected in a centralized location
  • Collaborate with other Evernote users
  • Search through all your notes and saved data, including text in pictures

Want to learn more? Take a look at Evernote’s website here.



Speaking of apps, Lifehacker put together a list of starter (free!) apps by category — a great resource for the new iPad owner in your life! Check it out here.