App Rec: My Fitness Pal

There are scores of fitness based apps on iOS — everything from pedometers to apps that stimulate a zombie attack to make you run a little faster. Yes, Zombies, Run! is one of my personal favorites. At any rate, another favorite is MyFitnessPal.


First, the details. There are separate apps for the iPhone and iPad, and both require iOS 5.0 or higher. The apps are free.


What it is: It’s a calorie counter and diet/exercise tracker. With a huge food database, it helps anyone who is trying to keep track both of the kind of food they eat and the amount of it. 


Why we like it: First, it syncs easily between any of your devices, including your computer. So if you note your lunch on your iPad and later check your phone, it’ll be there too. It also breaks down the contents of the food you’ve eaten so you can see at a glance how much sugar, sodium, etc. that you’re eating — great for folks with dietary restrictions or those who are just trying to limit intakes. There are also social features for those who do better working as a team towards fitness goals. You can also track your exercises.


The best part is that it syncs with your Up by Jawbone — a product we will soon have to introduce!