App Rec: Days – Your Visual Photo and GIF Diary

There are lots of photography apps for iOS out there — from Apple’s own iPhoto to the ever popular Instagram, no one’s suffering from a dearth of choices. New photography apps have to offer something interesting to even make a ripple, and Days does that. 


What is it

Days is an iPhone app (it will run on your iPad but not in full resolution). It’s free and requires iOS 6.0 or later.  The idea behind it is to make a visual record of your day — no filters or editing, just snapshots. It also helps you create animated gifs of moments. When you’re done, you can publish your day and share it with friends or with everyone.

Why We Like It

Well,  we take a lot of photos on our phones. So we like the idea of having those photos organized neatly by day, by time, so a quick glance reminds you of all the moments of those days. Plus we don’t have time to keep a paper journal, yet we still like the idea of one. Add captions to your snaps and you have something like a journal, without the time commitment. 


People often lament how fast time flies these days as we surround ourselves with technology and sometimes forget to slow down and, uh, smell the roses. An app that helps you catalogue the moments you might otherwise miss (or forget) is a pretty fantastic idea. Just don’t forget to put the phone down sometimes — it’s worth missing a picture to be fully in the moment now and then!