App Rec: Carrot

Some of us here at Cape Mac are to-do list lovers. But we all know: it’s very easy to make to-do lists and very hard to follow them. So when we saw Carrot mentioned on TUAW this morning, we had to try it out.


Details: This is a .99 cent app that is optimized for the iPhone, although as with all iPhone apps, it will work on your iPad. 


Why we like it: Well, it has a sense of humor. The idea is it’s a to-do list with sentience — it knows if you are checking things off, and it rewards you appropriately (thus far we’ve been told how to say Manatee in Binary and also received a fortune that warned us of impending death by killer ants). If you don’t complete your tasks, Carrot warns that you will be punished; we haven’t had the app for long enough to find out what that means, and we hope that the added fear keeps us focused on checking off those items!