Home users and students need look no further — iMac is the answer. With unmatched ease-of-use and stunning good looks, the iMac will meet all your needs.

The iMac packs plenty of performance to satisfy sophisticated graphics and media producers as well.

Starting at $1199.

Mac Pro

If you need the ultimate in performance and expandability, the Mac Pro is the computer for you.

Quad or eight-core Xeon processors fly though computation-intensive tasks, and multiple drive bays, expansion slots and RAM bays allow incredible flexibility and upgradeability.

Mac Pro pricing starts at $2499

Mac Mini

Starting at $599, Mac mini is Apple’s most affordable computer. If you are looking for a budget-smart replacement for an aging PC or Mac, the mini fills the bill.

You can use it with your existing monitor, USB mouse and keyboard.

The mini is also a perfect media computer to hook up to you home theatre.